Your Personal Internet Branch (PIB) Profile

Welcome! Your credit union makes it easy to control exactly how you want It's Me 247 online banking to work for setting up your own online credit union branch! And you call the shots on how--and when--you want to access your branch!

I love my PIB!

What is a PIB?

PIB stands for Personal Internet Branch. Personal. Unique to you. Special. Like no one else.

What is a PIB Profile?

A set of security controls that define exactly how It's Me 247 online banking will behave for you. To put it another way, it is your way of telling It's Me 247: "This is who I am and how I like to do things. If someone tries to access my accounts and they behave outside of those rules, it should raise a red flag to It's Me 247: it's probably not me!"

What kind of security controls can I choose?

Things such as:

  • What days of the week and times of the day do you want your branch to be open for business?
  • Which PCs should be able to access your online branch?
  • What types of transactions can be performed?
  • Are there certain types of transactions that should ask for a second, confirmation code?
  • Should transfers or other transactions be limited to a certain maximum dollar amount?

It’s your life...your choice...your branch! Log in now to change your controls.

Is PIB the same thing as It's Me 247?

Well, strictly speaking, your Personal Internet Branch is It's Me 247. It’s where you go to look at your accounts, transfer funds, and take care of other money stuff. It is your PIB profile that is separate. That’s the thing that says how you want your online banking to behave.

Think of It's Me 247 as your own personal branch. Then think of your PIB Profile as the security company you’ve hired to watch over the branch for you. Pretend they are behind two separate separate separate cities, even, if you want.

If you need to do something with your accounts, you go to your branch and use the proper key to open that door. If you want to change your security arrangements, you would go to the security company and use a different key to open that door.

Of course in this case, we’re not talking about real doors and actual keys, but you get the idea. You'll use one username (or your account number) and a password for It's Me 247, and a different username and password for updating your PIB Profile.

You’ll be going to your branch (It's Me 247) all the time, to check your balances and keep track of day-to-day activity with your accounts. But you may only visit your security company (PIB Profile) one time to set up your profile, and once in a while after that to make any changes you want to make to your security arrangements.